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Personality Types and Characteristics | Popular Optimist



  Life Slogan: Nothing can be too serious to laugh at.


  Friendly personality
 Talkative, storyteller 

 Good humor 


 Remembering colors well 

 Ability to hold listeners 

 Feeling and showing emotions 

 Cheerful and enthusiastic 

 Curious Good role play ability 

 Greedy and innocent Living today 

 Variable mood 

 Child Spirit


  Can communicate easily 

 People love 

 Motivated when praised 


 They are coveted by others 

 They don't hold a grudge 

 Prevent boring moments 

 Likes spontaneous activities


  Volunteering for jobs 

 Ability to think and produce new things 

 Always good looks 

 Creativity and colorful ideas 

 Energetic and willing 

 Hugging what he started 

 Ensuring the participation of others 

 Motivate others


  They create fun environments at home 

 Loved by friends of their children 

 They see bad things with their fun sides 

 Entertainment leaders


Very optimistic, loving himself and his environment, enthusiastic, harmonious with the environment, extremely flexible, living in the present, sociable, energy-laden, sincere, easy to forgive, romantic, unique, humorous, seductive, charming, uncomfortable with physical intimacy.

Weaknesses :

A selfish, irresponsible, devoid of discipline, avoiding coercion, first speaking then thinking, thoughtless, loving gossip, a bad listener.


  Courses should work out loud. 
 Convert lessons into stories. 
 You should use colored pencils to take notes. 
 He has to wonder about things he doesn't know. 
 It should awaken the enthusiasm of studying in itself. 
 He should evaluate the present well and not delay the study. 
 He must constantly review his motivation to work. 
 He should start studying. 
 Make use of group work. 
 They should try different methods on subjects they cannot learn. 
 It must act according to a certain program. 
 He must follow his own development and complete his shortcomings. 
 Instead of blaming others for course failures, he should realize his own mistakes. 
 He must play games to improve his memory. 
 Make note-taking behavior (course, written date, appointment date). 
 He should not interrupt the words of his friends during the class, he should take the right to raise his finger. 
 Write down what their responsibilities are and try to fulfill them. 
 He should not give up on subjects he cannot learn immediately and continue to work until he learns. 
 In class and in normal life you should think first and then talk. 
 Develop listening skills. 
 The course should interact with working groups of friends. 


  The difficulties in doing business should be understood. 
 They should know that they speak without thinking. 
 It should not be forgotten that they love variety and comfort. 
 They should be prevented from taking on more than they can. 
 They should not be expected to remember appointments and be punctual. 
 They should be praised for everything they uncover. 
 They should be remembered that they are feisty.
 They like new gifts, toys. 
 Something to be ashamed of for others can be fun for them. 
 They should be noticed that they have good intentions. They like to be touched when they talk.

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