Personality Types and Characteristics | Choleric Personality Type

Choleric Personality Type


Life Slogan: I can reach anything I want.


Leader is born

Dynamic and active

Change is mandatory

They feel compelled to correct mistakes

Stable and has strong desires

Emotions remain secondary

Not to be disappointed

Independent and self-sufficient

Confidence in itself is evident

Has the ability to do every job



They are less interested in a friend

More likely to be in a group

Likes to organize and manage people

Usually he's right

Does not lose its composure in case of emergency



Setting goals

See all what's happening

They are well organized

Can produce practical solutions

Quick application

Insists on production

Set goals

Successful in the face of challenges



Shows right and right leadership

Identify targets

Encourages the family to move

Gives the right answer

Organize the household



Logical, productive, dynamic, independent, creative in moments of crisis, direct and open, expressing itself well in linguistic field, not wasting time with details, enjoying the whole, enjoying the decision mechanism, oriented towards competition, prone to competition, trusting effective intuition, attentive, compassionate , confident, loyal to his wife and friends.


Weaknesses :

Dominant, discouraging, selfish, with weak emotional ties, always right, claiming to be arrogant, arrogant, inconsiderate, bad listener, often tense, uncompromising, impatient, unsafe even when it does not show.



He must be willing to change his current situation.
Target should work by setting.
He should not hesitate to seek help from others if he is insufficient.
Understand the basic logic of the subjects.
He must use the whole method.
The decisions taken should be implemented immediately.
Difficulties should increase the determination to work.
Make use of group work.
He must admit that he can also make mistakes. Teachers and friends should check their disturbing behavior.
He should improve his listening skills.
He must realize that success is not the result achieved in a moment and that he is the result of patiently continuing long efforts.
He should think about what results will occur when he is not working, his future situation.
He should talk to the teachers who have problems and learn their expectations.
Find logical reasons for studying. It must stimulate feelings of competition in the inner world.


They are born as leaders.
They must be insisted on establishing two-way communication.
It should be understood that their purpose is not to break others.
Areas of responsibility should not be divided.
They like objective approaches.
Ideas should be given importance.
They should be expected to produce new ideas.
Instead of talking about emotions, we should talk about ideas or events.
Discussions should not be perceived personally.
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