Psikolojik Belirti Tarama Testi

Symptom Checklist-90-R (SCL-90-R) Test – Free

Instruction: The following propositions describe situations that can happen to everyone from time to time. Please read all suggestions carefully. After reading them, mark them accordingly, considering how disturbing and unsettling these propositions have been in the last month, including today.

There are no right or wrong answers to the items in this test. Therefore, when giving your answers, do not forget to listen to your feelings rather than logic. Please try to give your answers as honestly and honestly as you can. Even if you are undecided, tick only one option.

NOTE: Your use of these tests should be for educational or entertainment purposes only. The results of these tests are not psychological or psychiatric advice of any kind and do not guarantee accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose. The results of the tests are recorded anonymously (without any personally identifiable information) and may be used for research or otherwise distributed.

2.Nervousness or shakiness inside
3.Unwanted thoughts, words, or ideas that won’t leave your mind
4.Faintness or dizziness
5.Loss of sexual interest or pleasure
6.Feeling critical of others
7.The idea that someone else can control your thoughts
8.Feeling others are to blame for most of your troubles
9.Trouble remembering things
10.Worried about sloppiness or carelessness
11.Feeling easily annoyed or irritated
12.Pains in heart or chest
13.Feeling afraid in open spaces or on the streets
14.Feeling low in energy or slowed down
15.Thoughts of ending your life
16.Hearing words that others do not hear
18.Feeling that most people cannot be trusted
19.Poor appetite
20.Crying easily
21.Feeling shy or uneasy with the opposite sex
22.Feeling of being trapped or caught
23.Suddenly scared for no reason
24.Temper outbursts that you could not control
25.Feeling afraid to go out of your house alone
26.Blaming yourself for things
27.Pains in lower back
28.Feeling blocked in getting things done
29.Feeling lonely
30.Feeling blue
31.Worrying too much about things
32.Feeling no interest in things
33.Feeling fearful
34.Your feelings being easily hurt
35.Other people being aware of your private thoughts
36.Feeling others do not understand you or are unsympathetic
37.Feeling that people are unfriendly or dislike you
38.Having to do things very slowly to insure correctness
39.Heart pounding or racing
40.Nausea or upset stomach
41.Feeling inferior to others
42.Soreness of your muscles
43.Feeling that you are watched or talked about by others
44.Trouble falling asleep
45.Having to check and double-check what you do
46.Difficulty making decisions
47.Feeling afraid to travel on buses, subways, or trains
48.Trouble getting your breath
49.Hot or cold spells
50.Having to avoid certain things, places, or activities because they frighten you
51.Your mind going blank
52.Numbness or tingling in parts of your body
53.A lump in your throat
54.Feeling hopeless about the future
55.Trouble concentrating
56.Feeling weak in parts of your body
57.Feeling tense or keyed up
58.Heavy feelings in your arms or legs
59.Thoughts of death or dying
61.Feeling uneasy when people are watching or talking about you
62.Having thoughts that are not your own
63.Having urges to beat, injure, or harm someone
64.Awakening in the early morning
65.Having to repeat the same actions such as touching, counting, washing
66.Sleep that is restless or disturbed
67.Having urges to break or smash things
68.Having ideas or beliefs that others do not share
69.Feeling very self-conscious with others
70.Feeling uneasy in crowds, such as shopping or at a movie
71.Feeling everything is an effort
72.Spells of terror or panic
73.Feeling uncomfortable about eating or drinking in public
74.Getting into frequent arguments
75.Feeling nervous when you are left alone
76.Others not giving you proper credit for your achievements
77.Feeling lonely even when you are with people
78.Feeling so restless you couldn’t sit still
79.Feelings of worthlessness
80.Feeling that familiar things are strange or unreal
81.Shouting or throwing things
82.Feeling afraid you will faint in public
83.Feeling that people will take advantage of you if you let them
84.Having thoughts about sex that bother you a lot
85.The idea that you should be punished for your sins
86.Feeling pushed to get things done
87.The idea that something serious is wrong with your body
88.Never feeling close to another person
89.Feelings of guilt
90.The idea that something is wrong with your mind

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