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Psychological Tests

Suicide Risk Screening Test

A screening may be done by your primary care provider or a mental health provider. A mental health provider is a healthcare professional who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems. Please apply this test in the presence of a psychological counselor.

NOTE: Your use of these tests should be for educational or entertainment purposes only. The results of these tests are not psychological or psychiatric advice of any kind and do not guarantee accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose. The results of the tests are recorded anonymously (without any personally identifiable information) and may be used for research or otherwise distributed.

1.When I get angry, I throw something.
2.I believe there are many people who are deeply interested in me.
3.I think I tend to act rashly.
4.I think of things that are too bad to be told to others.
5.I think I have too many responsibilities.
6.I believe there are many useful things I can do.
7.I consider suicide to punish others.
8.I have hostile feelings towards others.
9.I feel isolated from people.
10.I feel that people value me for who I am.
11.I believe a lot of people will be upset if I die.
12.I feel unbearably lonely.
13.I feel that people have hostile feelings towards me.
14.If I could start over, I would make a lot of changes in my life.
15.I think I’m not good at many things.
16.I have trouble finding and maintaining a job I love.
17.I think no one will miss me if I die.
18.I think my business is going well.
19.I feel like people expect a lot from me.
20.I feel like I should punish myself for things I do or think.
21.I don’t think the world is a place worth living.
22.I plan my future very carefully.
23.I feel like I don’t have many friends I can trust.
24.I feel like it would be better for people if I died.
25.I think it’s less painful to die than to live like that.
26.I felt that my mother understood me and that I enjoyed talking to her.
27.I feel close to my friends.
28.I’m hopeless that something will get better.
29.I feel that people disapprove of me and what I do.
30.I’m thinking how to kill myself.
31.Money worries me.
32.I’m thinking of committing suicide.
33.I feel tired and apathetic.
34.I break something when I get angry.
35.I feel close to my father.
36.I don’t think I can be happy no matter where I am.

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