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Right Brain Left Brain Test

Learning which side of your brain you use more intensely will change your perspective on life. Start testing right now.

By using this test, we can find out which of the right and left lobes of our brain is more developed, and to determine verbal or numerical abilities.

1.Which of the following subjects were you more interested in at school?
2.Which of the following sports do you prefer?
3.Can you remember your dreams when you wake up?
4.How do you use gestures and facial expressions while communicating face-to-face?
5.When you put your palms together and your fingers are crossed, does your right thumb stay on the top or bottom?
6.Guess what time it is without looking at the clock.
7.Which one do you remember more easily: The face or the name of someone you just met?
8.Hold a straight object like a pen in your hand. Align it with an object slightly further away, and then aim at the object without blinking. Now, close one of your eyes and do not move the object. Did the object move? Then, close the other eye and check whether the object moves or not. Now, choose one of the following…

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