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Learning Styles Test (Free)

People usually learn in three ways.

  • VISUAL: They prefer to learn by seeing and reading. They learn by reading on their own. They prefer color things, graphics and maps.
  • AUDITORY: They prefer to learn by hearing, listening and discussing.
  • KINETICS: The energy of motion stays better in the minds of some people. They learn by making physical contact with what they will learn; tacdil is based on one’s hand sensation. It includes kinesthetic navigation, pantomime, etc.

There has been no connection between learning styles and intelligence. Not every person has to have one of these styles, we can carry both or even all three. Some people have two styles mainly. Some people have one of these three features, compared to the other two, in which case they are forced into the classic pen and pencil school system. Especially students who are heavy tactile/kinesthetic or who are predominantly auditory and do not show the characteristics of other styles fall into this group. Tactile/Kinesthetic students necessarily want to do the lesson using their hands, whereas the student has to sit in the classroom and be active in the teacher. These students disturb their friends and disrupt the order of the class. reading the eyes of auditory-weighted students can be difficult because the auditory of sound makes it easier for them to learn, and in some cases even essential to learning. So reading with the eye we’re trying to train students in elementary school can be a problem for auditors. Auditory students should be assisted in this issue.


DESCRIPTION: From the activities you think best describe yourself, mark Yes to those who are right for you, and no to those who are not suitable for you. There is no right or wrong answer in this test. The part you mark most positively determines your dominant learning method.

1.If someone tells me something like a lesson, I will dive into other worlds
2.occasionally talk to yourself
3.When I’m asked to draw columns on a blank paper, I fold the paper
4.I would like to have a clean and tidy table
5.I want the teacher to correct all my mistakes by lecturing me
6.I like to do something which I can use my hands
7.I cannot use verbal instructions, I need a plan
8.When I read, I follow words with my finger
9.I shake my leg while sitting on a chair
10.I find it hard to pay attention to instructions I’ve heard but haven’t seen.
11.I like to learn in class by arguing and chatting with my friends.
12.I usually decorate the in of my notebook with pictures, shapes, doodles
13.I like to solve illustrated puzzles.
14.I get very close to paper while I read.
15.I rotate my pen in my hand, keep the tempo at the table.
16.I like to read quietly.
17.I enjoy sharing what I have seen with my eyes.
18.My teachers think I never work.
19.I write words without errors.
20.I love music and rhythm to learn better.
21.My teachers think I move too much in class.
22.I remember what I saw well.
23.I talk too much in class.
24.They usually think I’m hyperactive.
25.I understand better if events and/or topics are schematized.
26.In my spare time, I like to talk to my friends and make jokes.
27.I often take breaks while working, i do other things.
28.I watch the speaker’s mouth.
29.Usually graphics and symbols do not make it easy for me to learn.
30.I love playing hand jokes to my friends.
31.I like to read illustrated novels.
32.I like to read aloud.
33.I would like to jump into the room by hanging on the upper frame of the door.
34.I have a hard time remembering lyrics.
35.I prefer written cartoons.
36.I like the activities I actively participate in.
37.If I don’t follow a copy of the text while someone reads it, I have difficulty understanding.
38.I like to listen to stories, poems and/or book cassettes.
39.It’s not enough to see or hear something, I want to touch it.
40.I would like to repeat the verbal recipes.
41.I’d rather write it down when I need to explain something.
42.I want to touch everything.
43.I like to think and learn on my own.
44.My visual and word recall memory is not good.
45.I like to collect things.
46.I prefer to take notes in classes.
47.I would rather learn by listening to the teacher than working on my own.
48.I always want to do tasks like organizing the class.
49.I like to read in my spare time.
50.If a subject is read to me, I will understand better than I read it.
51.I usually cut things like toothpicks, matches and paper into small pieces.
52.My eyes on what others are doing.
53.I can’t draw easily without something to copy.
54.I am good at taking things apart and putting them back together.
55.I listen to radio and television aloud
56.I prefer verbal recipes and instructions rather than maps
57.I usually use my hands and talk fast
58.I don’t like to talk on the phone, I prefer to talk face-to-face
59.I can’t stand the silence, i want either me or the others to talk
60.I interrupt people’s conversations often

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