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Psychological Tests

Character Analysis Test with Colors – Personality Test

After doing the personality test with these Hartman style colors, you will see one of four colors in relation to your score. Colors are red, blue, green and yellow. Each color is associated with your true personality traits.

There are 4 options under each question. When answering questions, mark the option that suits you best.

1.Which of the following items describes you better?
2.At what pace and how do you usually speak?
3.What is the most important factor in motivating you to a job?
4.Which one is your working style suitable for?
5.How do you evaluate your working pace?
6.Which one bothers you more?
7.In which position will you be more successful in the groups you are in?
8.Which one puts you in more stress?
9.How would you react if you were a student and your teacher told you that your score increased the second time you examine your exam paper?
10.When you need to attend a business meeting that will last for hours, which of the following would you adopt?
11.What is your weakest point in yourself?
12.What is your strongest feature that you see in yourself?
13.Which of the following statements describes you better?
14.What do you pay attention to at your desk?
15.If there is a problem that needs to be solved the next day, what will your mood be like that evening?

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