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Personality Types and Characteristics | Peaceful Cold-blooded

Peaceful Cold-blooded


Slogan of Life: Life is a river; swim in the stream.


  Non-dominant personality

 Comfortable and smooth

 Still cool and conscious Patience and balanced behavior

 Consistent life Quiet but humorous character

 Sympathetic and polite behavior

 Feature of not showing emotions

 Living peace with life

 To be the person of every situation


  Communicate easily with people

 Fun and pleasing to the situation

 No harm to anyone

 He's a good listener

 Has a subtle sense of humor

 They like to study people

 They are very friends, they become interested and compassionate


  Regularity and ability

 Peaceful and consensus

 Executive ability

 Ability to think the problems in depth

 Ability to avoid conflicts

 Ability to work under difficult conditions

 Finding easy ways


  They make a good parent

 Spends time with children

 There is no rush

 Not easily upset

 Knows how to attract good and evil


Calm and restrained, satisfied, patient, easy to approach to life, harmonious, friendly to people and animals, a good listener, open to suggestions, independent of general ideas, not expecting much from people, sympathetic, tolerant, uncomfortable to be alone, loyal to relationships, tradition conscious, respectful to the limits of other people.

Weaknesses :

Highly passive, timid about work, lazy, easily fooled, always avoiding conflicts, always hesitating to take a firm attitude, with little energy, timid, very fragile, chilling.


  He should try to make his works consciously and add meaning.
 He should ask about things he couldn't learn.
 It should be organized and programmed.
 Find the source of the deficiencies and find solutions.
 Apply new learning methods for learning deficiencies.
 He should not see his results and his situation enough.
 He should follow the lessons well.
 He should pay attention to the negative effects of the group of friends.
 Plan ahead of what they will do and should not hesitate in practice.
 Seek help from others (such as learning, setting goals).
 He should try to abandon feelings of comfort and laziness.
 She must abandon the cold.
 It should increase the efforts not to let the frustration resulting from the exam results.
 It should increase the body dynamism by doing sports.


  They need direct motivation.
 They should be assisted in goal setting and rewarding.
 Enthusiasm should not be expected.
 It must be forced to make decisions.
 They should be encouraged to take responsibility.
 They may have difficulty in verbally expressing their feelings.
 Therefore, their behavior should be looked at.
 Their wish to be alone should be met with understanding.

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