MYERS-BRIGGS Personality Test

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This is a 20 question questionnaire designed to help see who you are.

• Self-evaluating is not foolproof.

• Even when test-takers answer honestly, there are reasons why the score is different from their true type.

• Taking this questionnaire is one step to determine your personality type.

• Consider the results with objectivity and caution.


MYERS-BRIGGS Directions:

• For each of the following 20 prompts choose a. or b.

• Record your answers on the score sheet directly below question

• The score sheet runs horizontally along the row before going down

• Choose the answer that you think most accurately describes you

• Even if you agree with both answers, check one you agree with more.

• Answer as you really are, not you want to be.

• Make choices for the majority of your life situations.

• Having strong interests should not be used to cloud the results.

• Think of situations in which you are free to be yourself.

• There are no right or wrong answers.

• Answer honestly.

MYERS-BRIGGS Questionnaire

1. a. expend energy, enjoy groups or b. conserve energy, enjoy one-on-one

2. a. interpret literally or b. look for meaning and possibilities

3. a. logical, thinking, questioning or b. empathetic, feeling, accommodating

4. a. organized, orderly or b. flexible, adaptable

5. a. more outgoing, think out loud or b. more reserved, think to yourself

6. a. practical, realistic, experiential or b. imaginative, innovative, theoretical

7. a. candid, straight forward, frank or b. tactful, kind, encouraging

8. a. plan, schedule or b. unplanned, spontaneous

9. a. seek many tasks, public activities, interaction with others b. seek private, solitary activities with quiet to concentrate

10. a. standard, usual, conventional or b. different, novel, unique

11. a. firm, tend to criticize, hold the line or b. gentle, tend to appreciate, conciliate

12. a. regulated, structured or b. easygoing, “live” and “let live”

13. a. external, communicative, express yourself or b. internal, reticent, keep to yourself

14. a. focus on here-and-now or b. look to the future, global perspective, “big picture”

15. a. tough-minded, just or b. tender-hearted, merciful

16. a. preparation, plan ahead or b. go with the flow, adapt as you go

17. a. active, initiate or b. reflective, deliberate

18. a. facts, things, “what is” or b. ideas, dreams, “what could be,” philosophical

19. a. matter of fact, issue-oriented or b. sensitive, people-oriented, compassionate

20. a. control, govern or b. latitude, freedom




MYERS-BRIGGS Explanation

• The original ideas of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) were created by Carl Gustav Jung in 1921.

• The actual test was officially published in 1962. The test was created to help determine which careers would be best for women as they entered the workforce for the first time during WWII.

• It is a psychological analysis examination that determines a person’s psychological makeup and how they perceive and make decisions.

The test is made of four different dichotomies or personality descriptions. One can either be:

1. Introverted or Extroverted

2. Sensing or Intuitive

3. Thinking or Feeling

4. Judging or Perceptive



  • Initiating
  • Expressive
  • Gregarious
  • Active
  • Enthusiastic


  • Receiving
  • Contained
  • Intimate
  • Reflective
  • Quiet


  • Concrete
  • Realistic
  • Practical
  • Experiential
  • Traditional


  • Abstract
  • Imaginative
  • Conceptual
  • Theoretical
  • Original


  • Logical
  • Reasonable
  • Questioning
  • Critical
  • Tough


  • Feeling
  • Empathetic
  • Compassionate
  • Accommodating
  • Accepting
  • Tender


  • Systematic
  • Planning
  • Early Starting
  • Scheduled
  • Methodical


  • Casual
  • Open-ended
  • Prompted
  • Spontaneous
  • Emergent

Careers for Personality Type

Protector (SJ) Career Matches

ESTJ – Overseer

Accountant •Auditor •Banker •Administrator •Business Analyst •Computer Specialist •Detective •Economist •Editor •Engineer •Financial Officer •Government Worker •Insurance Agent •Judge •Lecturer •Librarian •Manager •Marketer •Military Leader •Police •Researcher •Sales •Scientist •Senior Manager •Teacher •Teacher/Professor •Technical Specialist •Underwriter •Writer

ESFJ – Supporter

•Administrative Assistant •Administrator •Bookkeeper •Child Care •Church Worker •Counselor •Dental Assistant •Family Doctor •Homemaker •Human Resources •Marketer •Nurse •Office Manager •Organization Leader •Radiologist •Researcher •Social Worker •Speech Therapist •Teacher •Trainer

ISTJ – Examiner

•Accountant •Administrator •Auditor •Computer Programmer/Software Developer •Computer Specialist •Dentist •Detective •Doctor •Electrician •Executive •Financial Officer •Judge •Lawyer/Attorney •Librarian •Manager •Marketer •Math Teacher •Mechanical Engineer •Military Leader •Police •Scientist •Steelworker •Systems Analyst •Technical Specialist •Technician

ISFJ – Defender

•Accountant •Actor •Administrative Assistant •Administrator •Artist •Auditor •Banker •Bookkeeper •Business Analyst •Career Counselor •Child Care •Church Worker •Clerical Supervisor •Counselor •Designer •Doctor •Early Childhood Development •Economist •Editor •Gardener •Health Service •Homemaker •Human Resources •Interior Decorator •Librarian •Marketer •Medical Technologist •Military •Nurse •Office Manager •Paralegal •Police •Psychologist/Counselor •Researcher •Scientist •Shopkeeper •Social Worker •Writer

Creator (SP) Career Matches

ESTP – Persuader

•Agent •Auditor •Carpenter •Comedian •Computer Tech Support •Computer Technician •Craftsman •Detective •Driver •Engineer •Entrepreneur •Farmer •Firefighter •Laborer •Marketer •Military •Network Specialist •Paramedic/EMT •Police •Project Manager •Sales

ESFP – Entertainer

•Administrative Assistant •Artist •Child Care •Church Worker •Coach •Comedian •Entrepreneur •Fashion Designer •Human Resources •Interior Decorator •Lawyer/Attorney •Marketer •Musician •Painter •Photographer •Psychologist/Counselor •Recreation Worker •Sales Scientist •Social Worker •Supervisor •Systems Analyst •Technical Specialist •Trainer

ISTP – Craftsman

•Athlete •Business Analyst •Carpenter •Computer Programmer •Computer Specialist •Construction Worker •Dental Hygienist •Detective •Driver •Electrical Engineer •Engineer •Entrepreneur •Farmer •Firefighter •Forensic Pathologist •Human Resources •Marketer •Mechanic •Military •Motorcyclist •Paramedic/EMT •Pilot •Police •Probation Officer •Project Manager •Sales Representative •Scientist •Steelworker •Systems Analyst •Technical Specialist •Transportation

ISFP – Artist

•Artist •Carpenter •Chef •Child Care •Church Worker •Clerical Supervisor •Composer •Counselor •Dental Staff •Designer •Early Childhood Development •Editor •Forest Ranger •Homemaker •Librarian •Mechanic •Medical Staff •Naturalist •Nurse •Pediatrician •Personal Service •Physical Therapist •Psychologist •Social Worker •Teacher •Technical Specialist •Trainer •Veterinarian •Waiter/Waitress •Writer •X-Ray Technician

Intellectual (NT) Career Matches

ENTJ – Chief

• Business Administrator • Computer Consultant • Corporate Executive Officer • Entrepreneur • Judge • Lawyer/Attorney • Manager • Mortgage Banker • Politician • Scientist • Systems Analyst • Teacher/Professor

ENTP – Originator

• Artist • Comedian • Computer Analyst • Computer Programmer • Consultant • Designer • Engineer • Entrepreneur • Inventor • Journalist • Lawyer/Attorney • Marketer • Musician • Photographer • Psychiatrist • Psychologist • Sales Representative • Scientist • Systems Analyst • Writer •Politician •Actor

INTJ – Strategist

• Business Administrator • Computer Consultant • Corporate Executive Officer • Entrepreneur • Judge • Lawyer/Attorney • Manager • Mortgage Banker • Politician • Scientist • Systems Analyst • Teacher/Professor

INTP – Engineer

•Agent •Archaeologist •Architect •Artist •Computer Animator •Computer Programmer •Computer Specialist •Consultant •Economist •Engineer •Financial Planner •Forestry/Park Ranger •Historian •Human Resources Manager •Interpreter/Translator •Inventor •Investigator •Investment Banker •Lawyer/Attorney •Legal Mediator •Logician •Marketer •Mathematician •Musician •Network Specialist •Philosopher •Photographer •Project Manager •Psychiatrist •Psychologist •Researcher •Scientist •Strategic Planner •Systems Analyst •Teacher/Professor •Technical Writer

Visionary (NF) Career Matches

ENFJ – Mentor

•Accountant/Auditor •Actor •Administrative Assistant •Administrator •Artist •Banker/Economist •Career Counselor •Church Worker •Computer Specialist •Consultant •Designer •Diplomat •Editor •Engineer •Events Coordinator •Facilitator •Homemaker •Human Resources •Librarian •Musician •Nurse •Occupational Therapist •Politician •Project Manager •Psychiatrist •Psychologist/Counselor •Sales Representative •Scientist •Senior Manager •Social Worker •Teacher/Professor •Technical Specialist •Trainer •Writer

ENFP – Advocate

•Actor •Art Director •Artist •Banker/Economist •Career Counselor •Church Worker •Conference Planner •Designer •Dietitian/Nutritionist •Diplomat •Editor •Engineer •Entrepreneur •Homemaker •Human Resources •Journalist •Lawyer/Attorney •Marketer •Massage Therapist •Musician •Newscaster •Nurse •Occupational Therapist •Painter •Politician •Project Manager •Psychologist/Counselor •Public Relations •Researcher •Scientist •Senior Manager •Social Scientist •Social Worker •Speech Pathologist •Teacher/Professor •Technical Specialist •Trainer •Writer

INFJ – Confidant

•Actor •Alternative Medicine •Artist •Child Care Worker •Child Development •Chiropractor •Church Worker •Clergy •Consultant •Dentist •Designer •Doctor •Educational Consultant •Entrepreneur •Human Resources •Librarian •Marketer •Missionary •Musician •Psychiatrist •Psychologist/Counselor •Social Worker •Systems Analyst •Teacher/Professor •Trainer •Writer Photographer

INFP – Dreamer

•Activist •Actor •Architect •Artist •Church Worker •Counselor •Editor •Educational Consultant •Employee Development Specialist •Fashion Designer •Filmmaker •Graphic/Web Designer •Holistic Health Practitioner •Human Resources •Journalist •Legal Mediator •Librarian •Minister •Missionary •Musician •Photographer •Physical Therapist •Psychologist/Counselor •Researcher •Social Scientist •Social Worker •Speech Pathologist •Teacher/Professor •Translator/Interpreter •Video Editor •Writer

Click to apply the MYERS-BRIGGS personality test for free

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