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Personality Types and Characteristics | Peaceful Cold-blooded

Peaceful Cold-blooded INTRACTIVE-EVENT EVENTS-KARAMSAR (MYSTERIOUS DREAMERS) Slogan of Life: Life is a river; swim in the stream. EMOTIONS Non-dominant personality Comfortable and smooth Still cool and conscious Patience and balanced behavior Consistent life Quiet but humorous character Sympathetic and polite behavior Feature of not showing emotions Living peace with life To be the person of […]

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Personality Types and Characteristics | Popular Optimist

POPULAR OPTIMIST EXTERNAL-SPEAKING-OPTIMIST (CHARISMATIC HIGHLIGHTS) Life Slogan: Nothing can be too serious to laugh at. EMOTIONS Friendly personality Talkative, storyteller Good humor Joy Remembering colors well Ability to hold listeners Feeling and showing emotions Cheerful and enthusiastic Curious Good role play ability Greedy and innocent Living today Variable mood Child Spirit FRIENDSHIP RELATIONS Can communicate […]


Personality Types and Characteristics | Melancholic

Melancholic INTRODUCTION-THINKING-PESSIMISTIC (EMOTIONAL ASSETS) Life Slogan: Everything is possible for those who trust me EMOTIONS Deep and thoughtful Analytical, analytical Serious and purposeful Featured Talented and creative Artistic and harmonious Philosophical and poetic Knowing the value of beauty Sensitive to others Honest and conscientious Altruistic Idealis FRIENDSHIP RELATIONS Carefully selects his friends Prefer to stay […]


Personality Types and Characteristics | Choleric Personality Type

Choleric Personality Type EXTERNAL-CONSTRUCTIVE-OPTIMIST (INDEPENDENT, STRONG STABILITY) Life Slogan: I can reach anything I want. EMOTIONS Leader is born Dynamic and active Change is mandatory They feel compelled to correct mistakes Stable and has strong desires Emotions remain secondary Not to be disappointed Independent and self-sufficient Confidence in itself is evident Has the ability to […]