Psychological Tests

Kolb’s Learning Style Test

David Kolb published the learning styles model in which he developed the learning style inventory in 1984. Kolb’s experiential learning theory works at two levels: a four-stage learning cycle and four distinct learning styles. Much of Kolb’s theory has to do with the student’s internal cognitive processes. Kolb states that learning involves the acquisition of […]

Psychological Tests

Free Personality Test – Personality Test of Myers & Briggs’ 16 Types

The Myers-Briggs types are based on the findings of the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. In the 1920s, Jung developed his type theory, according to which a person’s thinking and feeling, recognizing and feeling can be outwardly or inwardly oriented. The Americans Katherine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers (Katherine’s daughter) took Jung’s typology and developed […]

Psychological Tests

Jungian Archetype Test

What is an archetype? •An archetype is an original model after which other similar things are patterned. •They are characters or personality types universally recognized by all. •Psychologists see archetypes as being part of our consciousness. •They have been with us in the dawn of time. •We see them reflected in dreams, mythology, fairy tales, […]


Personality Types and Characteristics | Melancholic

Melancholic INTRODUCTION-THINKING-PESSIMISTIC (EMOTIONAL ASSETS) Life Slogan: Everything is possible for those who trust me EMOTIONS Deep and thoughtful Analytical, analytical Serious and purposeful Featured Talented and creative Artistic and harmonious Philosophical and poetic Knowing the value of beauty Sensitive to others Honest and conscientious Altruistic Idealis FRIENDSHIP RELATIONS Carefully selects his friends Prefer to stay […]